How to burn Dreamcast

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Burning iso disk Dreamcast with pc windows

dreamcast burning cdi windows

This guide will help you burning games, applications and bootloader from a disk image file .cdi (most common image format for Dreamcast ™).
We always recommend the use original products, the optical drive is designed to read the Dreamcast GD-ROM or original cd-audio, it is known that prolonged use of large numbers of burned CDs can cause premature aging of the lens, which works excessively during reading of the tracks.
However, in the network, there are many free homebrew games or applications, which are distributed exclusively in image format.
In the event that your operating system is Windows, this is what you need:
- Insert a blank CD 80min into your burner
- Download the free program Diskjuggler,
- For best results, the version must be the 6,
- Go on and choose New cd image to cd recorder.
- Upload your image file and go to the tab "advanced".
- If your image file contains 1Track and 1session, it is a boot disk, in this case set the following options: Mode1, offset0, block 2048, toc ... cdrom.
- If your image file contains two or more sessions, it is a self-booting disk, in this case set the following options: Mode2, offset0, block 2336, toc ... cd-xa.
- No need to enable "raw writes," but make sure that the "Add-post 3rd ..." is active.
- Enable "overburning" only in the case where a first attempt to burn a negative outcome.
- If in the process of burning diskjuggler invites you to correct any errors, not accepted, could compromise the reading by the Dreamcast.
Now you will have your disk, you just need to add it in your Dreamcast ™.
NB: with diskjuggler is also possible to perform the reverse process, ie get a picture file from the original disk, which is essential to create backup copies, in which case you will go to new and select "CD Player to Image".
NB2: there are also other types of image files as .iso or .nrg although extensions are less widely Dreamcast, you will run into them, in this case, we recommend using the program alchool120%.

Burning iso disk image Dreamcast with mac os

Correctly record a CD that is read from the console requires some tricks, here is what to do if your OS is OSX
- insert a blank CD 80min into your burner

- Download the free software LiquidCD ,

- Install the software and launch it, go to " other " and select disk image,

- Take the disk image you want to burn and click " burn "

- This will open a new window, check the box " Advanced Settings " and entitled " overburning "

- It is important to ensure that the burning speed does not exceed 8x, the lenses of the Dreamcast have difficulty reading burned discs with higher speeds.  

   Now you will have your disk, you just need to add it in your Dreamcast ™.

dreamcast cdi mac

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