Dreamcast configuration
for online gaming

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Setting connection Dial Up 56k

Dial up connection , as it may seem slow and outdated, in some cases the only solution appears to be only the possible to connect with the rest of the world. The modem's Dreamcast, on the back of the console, comes to the rescue and allows us to navigate comfortably on the sofa in front of our television.

This guide will help in properly configure the console to the internet using a dial-up provider.
Let's assume now that we do not know the prices of your provider, before connecting the console, please contact your telephone company and know all the fees charged; the dial-up provides a tariff dissociated from ADSL, generally costs range from: 0.06 cents to 0.12 cents for min. To avoid any unpleasant surprises in the bill, you should inquire on your rate plan or subscribe to any offer from other providers (there are also many lesser known which provide very competitive rates), we recommend this great service and really affordable: freeonline.cheapnet.it but accessible only to Telecom customers.

Any browser you have decided to use, the only settings that you must configure concern:
- the national number, eg. 702 0012100 if you have chosen the service Cheapnet,

- Login and password, provide them your manager, sometimes they are not needed,

- Type of call must be set to "Tone"

- DNS, must be set to "automatic" except in special cases.  

   Fear not, this procedure should be performed only once, in fact, at the end, the console will prompt you to save the settings, which will be preserved precisely in the internal memory.  

In case they are experiencing problems making a connection despite the user's input, please make sure the cables are properly connected, functioning and that there are no compatibility issues with any ADSL filters.

Setting BBA connection
(Broad Band Adapter) for ADSL

Broad Band Adapter , is a very rare accessory. Exists in a few copies and who owns it, usually very jealously guards it. It may happen infrequently run into some BBA for sale, but generally the prices are always high, it is an adapter that takes the place of the standard modem console and allows it to connect directly to the router of your home, thus exploiting the ADSL connection.

There are several ways to set up an internet connection via BBA , first of all you need at least one of these resources:

- a browser Dreampassport, Planetweb or XDP (the Dreamkey not allow configuration),

- Alternatively there are also some games that let you configure how Propeller Arena, Pod and Quake III .,
 The settings to be assigned are the same that are used to configure a computer.  
- IP address, subnet mask, gateway, dns;

If you want to be the same console to assign these data, simply enter for each field: & quot; & quot; in this way, the DHCP will assign automatically, based on the computer connected to the same network .
  As the BBA object still quite expensive, before you engage yourself in purchases, you should check that the models are the ones bearing the said accessory codes: HIT-400 and HIT-401, because it is not region-coded, can be used in any version of the console, even PAL

broad band adapter dreamcast connection

Set connession between Dreamcast
and PC win, linux or osx

With a level of experience medium / high, you can take advantage of our ADSL router without the need to buy a bba but simply through the modem integrated console.

This guide is universal, that is so for any operating system you have, and for any model Dreamcast possess. Here in detail what you need to get started:
- A console Dreamcast modem code A or B;
- A browser for Dreamcast (recommend PlanetWeb 2.6);
- A PC with modem 56k or 56k modem usb external V9.2 (recommend modem chipset Connexant);
- Internet router with
- An ISO operating system linux crunchbang
- A virtual machine Vmware if you have windows, vmware fusion (or virtual box) if you have mac, if you have nothing directly linux
- Depending on the type of modem you have, both Dreamcast that Pc may also serve a line voltage inducer

  •   Configure the PC

      Install the modem driver and every useful for its operation. Once installed, Windows assigns a COM port to the device, we just have to find out which it is. To do this, just go to My Computer> right click> properties and> device manager> modems> right click on modem> Properties> Modem tab> and you will find the COM port.

  • Configure the virtual machine

      download vmware it is a virtual machine that allows you to use other operating systems on the same computer by splitting into separate windows, the installation does not intervene on the file system, which makes them safe for your computer. Operating systems that can be installed are different, but we will only affect a distro of Linux, exactly Crunchbang .   
        Now we will install on the vmware iso crinchbang, just downloaded. But before you do this you must assign the modem to the virtual machine. To do this go to: customize hardware - add - serial port use physical serial port - select the com port previously seen
      Check that "connect" and "power on" is enabled under device status. Click on the network adapter and change in "bridged" and check "Replicated physical network connection" is disabled. Now you can finally install the iso crunchbang, but used an installation to the text, so you can assign a user name and password for the operating system, essential to the operations that we're going to do later.   

      Installed linux, proceed typing super + space bar (super equivalent to the windows key or command for mac). System> synaptic package manager> enter password admin you will find a list of installable packages. We affect mgetty, ppp, gnome-ppp and gedit, if you see them in the list, you'll have to upgrade.
      Packages installed open the terminal by clicking super + t.
      Now type sudo gnome-ppp press enter. You will be prompted to enter the pass of the admin, did what it will open a second window, go to setup and click detect. The program will identify the location of your modem, it should be something like / dev / ttyS0. The last number can vary so keep in mind your why in future we should add several times.
      Go to the terminal and type: sudo nano / etc / ppp / options deleted everything and type:
      #IP Addresses. Uncomment whichever one you wish to use
      #router IP for Internet browsing
      #PSO Server http://schtserv.com/
      #quake III server http://www.gametracker.com/search/q3/?search_by=map&query=dc_map

      Ms-dns is the IP address of your router, should always be equal to this, but for security check. Enter the IP address of your router will allow you to surf the internet with the browser, but to play online you will need to replace that with the ip default the game, for example to play Phantasy star online you'll have to type the IP address of the actual ship idem Quake III , and href="http://dreamcast.onlineconsoles.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=9807" Starlancer and 4x4evo .
      Save the document by overwriting, if you receive a notice negative means that will have to change the folder permissions . Now open gedit via terminal command: sudo gedit.
      In a nutshell, we are creating a new text document that will contain the IP address of your computer, the IP address that will attach to the Dreamcast and the subnet mask. The end result will be something like:

      To know what is the iP address of your computer, type of terminal sudo ifconfig while for the IP to be attributed to the Dreamcast, can be any one as long as it is not already in possession to other computers connected to that router.
      Save the text file in etc / ppp / options.ttyS0 (ttyS0 attention may be different compared to yours, remember to put what I had been previously disclosed).
      Type of terminal sudo nano / etc / ppp / pap-secrets scroll the document and add the following line at the end:
      * dream dreamcast *
      back to the terminal and type:
      sudo useradd -G dialout, dip, users -c "Dreamcast user" -d / home / dream -g users -s / usr / sbin / pppd dream and sudo passwd dream then type: dreamcast you should receive a confirmation message assigning passwords. This process is used to create a user to be assigned to the Dreamcast.
      Go to terminal and type: sudo gedit etc / mgetty / mgetty.config inserted in the document:
      debug 4
      speed 115200
      port ttyS0
      data-only y
      issue-file /etc/issue.megetty

      (Always remember to customize ttyS0 if in your case appears to be different).

  • Configuration Dreamcast
    • Insert the telephone cable between the modem Dreamcast and PC modem. Start the browser of the Dreamcast 2.6 Planetweb press start> start> options .
      The fields that you have to customize are:
      Name: anything, as long as they do not remain empty;
      User login: dream;
      Password: dreamcast;
      Dial-up number: 555 (add it in the second field, the longer one);
      DNS: all about 0;

      In the next tab:
      modem init: AT & F0
      blind dial: on
      tune: on

      Everything else should be left empty or still intact. Confirm your changes and save them.

  • We test the server
    • Before starting the connection attempt by the Dreamcast, return on our crunchbang. What we do now will be open four terminal windows, each essential to see what happens when you try to connect the Dreamcast.
      In the first window data typed: sudo / sbin / mgetty 115200 -D -s / dev / ttyS0 (always replace with your ttyS0).
      In the second window data typed: sudo tail -f /var/log/mgetty/mg_ttyS0.log (always replace with your ttyS0).
      In the third window data typed: sudo tail -f / var / log / messages .
      We open one last window and type: sudo killall -USR1 mgetty without doing it again starting. This command will only be activated when the Dreamcast will have made a connection attempt, then we go into the Dreamcast browser, we make a connection, five seconds after starting the call attempt, start the command killall last terminal window.
      We observe what is happening in the terminal containing the ttyS0.log. If everything is correct you should read a message confirming the connection from the user Dream, but if there is a message like: "no carrier", then go to the next step.

  • Line voltage inducer