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Dreamcast™ on the hd tv

dreamcast on tv hd with vga box cable

Among the many firsts of this console, there is also the screen resolution. The Dreamcast ™ was the first console (and remained for several years) to support resolutions higher than standard rgb era.

There are several resolutions supported all natively from the console.
All this is closely related to the type of video cable that you have: composite, s-video, RGB scart.

But if you want to get the best, you need the VGA Box , an accessory still readily available either new or used, at low cost.

Best performance for your console

By VGA Box , Dreamcast ™, you can play at a resolution of 480p 60Hz 30kHz, with other cables it comes down to a frequency of 15khz.

    The Dreamcast has once again anticipated net of the times, even when terms like fullhd hdtv or did not exist, the Dreamcast ™ allowed to be connected to the computer's LCD monitor and ensure graphic detail, brightness and resolution astounding even today. The competition came once again lagging behind, in fact only with the arrival of xbox360 and ps3 you can talk about overcoming technological. The console 128bit direct rivals of the Dreamcast , although allowed video connections to the PC monitor, not managing the vga resolution natively just like the Dreamcast could do. Even the Wii, Nintendo last, he could not achieve such capabilities.

dreamcast vga resolution vs full hd
Dreamcast vga box

If you have a VGA Box , you can connect the Dreamcast to your PC monitor or HDTV directly to your home. In the second case, it must be clear that TV has an entrance generally called "PC" or "VGA" . This is the classic jack monitor vga .
 The proceeds upscaling HDTV resolutions of tion (with normal cables instead you get a degrading quality), without any loss of detail, only setting that should be set should be the aspect-ratio, it could happen that the default of the tv add sidebars, what avoidable directly from the settings of the TV itself.
 There are various models of the vga box , both official and third party. Generally, each model has a video input and two types of video outputs (RGB and VGA) and audio (jack).  Via a convenient switch you can determine the type of video output to suit your needs.
  Unfortunately not all the games support the VGA . Please consult our list games and check the relevant data, if the game you are interested supports this feature.