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Dreamarena was born on the 14th october 1999, during a time when the live services for consoles seemed like an utopia. Sega anticipated the events supporting its product with a portal which access to was available only via Dreamcast. With simple lines and a great design, Sega and ICL, BT and other providers helped to create this virtual community, completely for free. It provided different services as news, chat, e-mail and DLCs for online games. It was easy to access through the GD Browser Dreamkey. Its second version appeared with a completely different graphic, the menus were simpler and the appereance was more tridimensional and colorful. The third Dreamkey version marked the end of Dreamarena, but Sega wanted to create a dedicated site for DC owners.

Dreamarena was Europe-only while in America Sega promoted SEGANET. A similar project but with a monthly fee, or at least this was the original intent, since after some problems the users abandoned rapidly the service and forced Sega to close it after just a year. Sega kept working on it and on autumn 2002 re-opened the project again with a free version, but it was too late: there were far too few games. The servers were empty for most of the time and in some cases online play between BBA owners and dial-up ones was impossible due to different gaming speed.

List of configurable browsers for Dreamcast

  • Dreamkey 3.0
    Dreamkey 3.0

    Last version of the european browser. It speaks all european languages except portuguese and spanish, which have a dedicated version (3.1). This browser is based on Mozilla 3.0 and was available through Sega itself until some years ago. It's still possible to find on the second hand market, bundled with Phantasy Star Online V.2.

    Supports: Dial up, mp3 files, vmu saves and games, visual effects, force feedback and notifications on the vmu.

    Does not Support:bba, java, flash, Sfd videos, voip, ginsu, irc.

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  • Planetweb 3.0
    Planetweb 3.0

    Last version of the american browser. Offers probably the best navigation experience, it supports a lot of notable technologies for the time. Based on Mozilla 3.0 like its european counterpart and available only through second hand market. The support on this browser was operative until some years ago with a dedicated site. The only language available is english.

    Supports: Dial up, BBA, mp3 files, vmu saves and games, java, flash, sfd video, voip, ginsu.

    Does not support: irc.

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  • DreamPassport 3.0
    DreamPassport 3.0

    The latest version of the japanese browser. It supports a lot of functions but unfortunatley it's not multilingual; only japanese. It is based on Mozilla and can be found on the second hand market.  

    Supports: Dial up, BBA, mp3 files, vmu saves and games, java, flash, sfd and mpeg video, irc, emulation and dreameye cam.

    Does not support: voip, ginsu.

  • XDP

    If you don't have any of the official browsers, don't panic. XDP is a homebrew software which packs all of the specs of the SEGA ones. At the start up you will be able to choose from six different browsers.

    To get it: download the iso from the official site dcisozone

    To burn it: follow our guide:: Burning CD correctly for Dreamcast