How to Play the Game burned
and imported for Dreamcast

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Utopia boot loader

Place your Dreamcast upside down and remove the modem using the appropriate push. Remove the four screws at the corners of the console There are various boot loader , amateur and commercial, with this guide will analyze the best.

Without a doubt the most popular and the first to have taken piracy on white console saw.
       The hackers who created this fantastic boot loader, have carried out other projects quite well known, such as console emulators 16bit, various applications that allow the Dreamcast to play mp3 and other media, to complete with the ability to connect to the PC and Dreamcast download useful data.
       Utopia boot disk allows you to use both backups burned on CD, which gdrom original import on your console pal.
       There have been several releases of Utopia Boot disk you can find them easily via the internet or even address.
                can be found easily by


Another bootloader free indispensable to load codes (see also guide PSO online) but also able to read burned games on CD and copies the original import.


cdx GameShark


Perhaps the most complete and compatible, it can be found in major virtual stores, contains within it thousands of codes to get extra bonus in your favorite games and at the same time has the ability to boot cd burned and import. There are several versions, both cd that memory unit