Play online 4x4 Evolution
with Dreamcast multiplayer

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Play online 4x4 evolution
with Dial up

Mad races on tracks deliberately imperfect, among many SUVs and pick up license Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Nissan, Toyota.

4x4evo is still officially playable via Gamespy server, here's what you need:

- A copy of the American game,
- Create an account Gamespy,
Entering the menu "network" you will be asked to register your new account Gamespy.

By completing this procedure, you will access to the list of available servers, you can create a new match or join a match existing  

If you have opted for the second choice, it is good to inform that almost certainly run into players pc or mac, which almost certainly will use the custom tracks, users can play on dreamcast custom tracks, saving the same on VMU, but being the numerous tracks, and having the VMU a very limited capacity, we recommend accepting the match with only tracks standard. Server list
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1-4 player supported Tracked customizable Play with windows and mac users 24h official server Only dialup supported