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Play Planet Ring online
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Planet Ring is a game that came out initially pal as special content on a monthly English, later it was published a stand alone version, with microphone included essential to communicate with the other players.
Being a party game designed exclusively for online multiplayer, with the closing of the server SEGA, this title was almost in shadow and justifiable only for purposes collectable.
From 2013, thanks to the hard work of the boys and IberDC DreamcastTalk, Planet Ring is finally back online, again showing the world its potential and skills from party game.
We can use the online multiplayer Planet Ring, both with original GDrom (after entering a bootloader), that using a CD containing the patches to connect directly to the server.
All documents and files can be found in the link below.
Server list
Earth Call Project

Minigames - Dorobo 2 players + Voice Chat: Help the other player in the walls, through your voice.
- Splash 2 players + Voice Chat: A kind of naval battle, in which the player who sinks all ships of others
- Bubble Ball 4 players: Get more bubbles and hinders possible opponents
- Soar 32 players!: Gare pod with air / ship
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Info and utility

1-32 player supported Istant messaging and vocal chat with microphone Ranking Leaderboards 24h external server Only dialup supported