RaspberryPi and Dreamcast
internet connection with DreamPi

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What we need for the connection

DreamPi is a set of additional software and hardware that allow the Dreamcast to connect to the Internet without necessarily needing a dial-up ISP. To build a DreamPi, you need this hardware:
- raspberry PI
- sd card with software DreamPi
- a compatible USB modem linux (Dell nw147)
- a telephone cable
- an ethernet cable
- a Dreamcast browser (Dreamkey 3.0 is fine)

Depending on the console region, you may also need:
- Phone Line Simulator as (viking dle200b)

Tutorial RaspberryPi with DreamPi

​ Once you have all the material, to connect the Raspberry Pi USB modem, which will be connected to the line phone cord, and in turn connected to the Dreamcast (after phone line simulator). Finally connect the Raspberry Pi to your router and a USB charger. Now install the disk image Raspberry Software on the SD card by following this guide: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/windows.md
Then the SD card can be noted in Raspberry.

Dreamkey configure the browser 3.0 or XDP or Planetweb only changing these parameters:
- N. phone. 111-1111
- login id: dream, and login pass: dreamcast
- primary DNS, secondary DNS

Pal differences between pal modem and ntsc modem:
modems have a code in the serial number, can be A or B. The modem type A are generally American ones and have the ability to add power to the telephone line, unlike PAL modems are type B and not allow this possibility . Buying an American modem seems to be the fastest solution to remedy the problem but the PAL games like Quake3 and Starlancer would not be playable.

raspberry connection dreamcast


 Dreamcast raspberry connection

​ access the web app dreamcast.online/now dreamcast.online/now to read the list of currently Dreamcast online users. You can browse this list even from your smartphone. This list indicates members, if they are connected, the last games played, their nickname and avatar. Clicking on the "configure" button, the web app will automatically detect the connected DreamPi (if it does not happen, enter ip with your Hands). Once detected your DreamPi you can choose your nickname and your avatar so as to be easily recognized by others online users.