Use SD-card with Dreamcast
through the adapter

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SD Card Adapter
to play Dreamcast

The adapter sd-card Dreamcast is one of the accessories unofficial latest generation Dreamcast.
It can be used mainly to play Dreamcast games, without having to use physical media such as CD-rom or gd; thus avoiding wear and damage to the lens.
Quest'utilissimo accessory transforms definitely your console into a multimedia device respectable, allowing you to play indie games, specific use app, watch movies, listen to music and emulate older consoles.
There are several companies that produce this adapter and ship all over the world, usually in the pack is always included in addition to the adapter, even the latest version of the operating system Dreamshell (essential for its use).
The adapter supports standard SD cards, micro SD and TF. Emulators supported are those for the main console as: NES, Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy, Turbo Grafx, Mame, Master System, Saturn, SG-1000, Vectrex, Neo Geo and many others.
No need for hardware changes to run the adapter, in fact it exploits the expansion port official Dreamcast (used officially by only neo geo link cable).

Dreamshell 4 beta
OS for Dreamcast

Dreamshell is a Unix operating system, developed and designed exclusively for the Dreamcast
 E 'based on the library KallistiOS and currently has arrived to version 4.0 RC 3 (09/06/2014).
The fourth version includes a major upgrade over previous and features so important to make this software almost essential for existing owners Dreamcast. Indeed it is safe to say that this operating system offers new life to the console, bringing it to full effect in the new millennium and without distorting its quality, but just accentuating.
The operating system comes with several dedicated app, like:
SpeedTest: to test the speed of the SD card;
RegionChanger: app very useful to change the video output of the console (PAL / NTSC);
GDRIPPER: lets you rip GD original Dreamcast in sd-card;
Filemanager: a real finder of the contents on sd-card, cd / hdd gdrom and external;
ISO loader: essential to run iso games saved on sd-card;
Install DS: To install the operating system directly into the Bios of the Dreamcast and so leave without having to enter the cd;
and many more ...
Dreamshell is also compatible with devices officers as keyboard, mouse and dreameye (from which it can finally save and delete pictures present). There are several features and networking, in the latest version, improved interfaces, functionality and added joypad settings.

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