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Dreamcast gamepad the Dreampad

dreampad dreamcast

Official Dreamcast Controller with an ergonomic shape, fits almost any type of game.
Presents the classic 8-way directional pad accompanied by an analog stick placed higher that improves interactivity in certain games to 360 °. There are also four main colored buttons, and two triggers located on the top edge of the object, ideal for racing games and shooters.
Along the lines of the N64 pad are two slots with the first window to read the information of the VMU, but can be used for numerous other devices.

PAL Accessories Dreamcast

  • Rumble Dreamcast Pal
    Vibration Pack

    This accessory can be used simultaneously with the VMU is on dreampad that on lightgun. Capable of generating multiple levels of vibration in relation to the force. It does not need batteries because it feeds directly from the Dreamcast.

  • lightgun Dreamcast Pal

    The official gun to play at various point and click arcade present for Dreamcast. Equipped with high-precision viewfinder, digital and directional control. E 'is compatible with the VMU that with Vibra pak but not with VGA box.

  • Pal Dreamcast Arcade Stick
    Arcade stick

    This controller is suitable for arcade games closely, as the brawler and 2d shoot'em up. Presents a knob and six large keys and sensitive positioned so compact to allow more rapid use.

  • Racing wheel Dreamcast Pal
    Racing wheel

    Playing realistic 2pedali anaoligici, 5 keys, turning analog incredible precision, is compatible with VMU. Indispensable for many racing games.

  • Keyboard Dreamcast Pal

    Simple and effective keyboard for dreamcast, connects to the door of the controller. Easy to handle, thanks to its size slightly smaller than the standard present on the computer. Includes all 105 keys basis ..

  • Mouse Dreamcast Pal

    This device connects directly to the controller, making it effective for the games in person or those specially designed for its use, but also for surfing the Internet.

  • Maracas Dreamcast Pal

    They are equipped with a sensor bar that converts the movements very precise 3-D made by maracas and conveys them joined Dreamcast form of 2-D signals.

  • Microphone Dreamcast Pal

    It allows voice communication between users playing online, or to interact in certain games. Incorporates speech within a range of 45 degrees. The green ball helps in lightening the voice so that the game can recognize it.

  • Fishing Dreamcast Pal

    With a motion sensor and a form of vibration, moving the controller and the reel, the rod virtual game reacts making interaction very realistic.

Accessori NTSC Dreamcast

memory 4k Dreamcast Pal dream eye cam Dreamcast Pal twin stick Dreamcast Pal
Memory 4x
Memory unit official SEGA, free lcd allowed but a capacity equal to 4vmu normal, with ability to switch from block to block, not compatible with some games. (Thanks for the info Luca Rastelli)
3Mpx camera and photo 640x480, usable with the software Visual Park. Possibility to make video calls and audio video (max 25sec) only console on, microphone headset included. Through the normal cells is transformed into a portable camera. (Thanks for the info Luca Rastelli)
Twin Stick
Peripheral official game Virtual On, but also compatible with other games. Includes VMU slot, two sticks of movement with button, and start button Central. (Thanks for the info Luca Rastelli)